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Welcome to SaludConTechSaludConTech

We believe technology can revolutionize healthcare, but only if it's designed to uplift the communities that need it most. SaludConTech empowers Latino and Black innovators to solve the pressing health challenges faced by their communities, bridging the gap in technological equity for better healthcare outcomes.

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Our Commitment

We nurture an ecosystem where Latino and Black healthcare entrepreneurs thrive. With tools, resources, and a supportive community, we're closing the health equity gap through digital innovation.


SaludConTech seeks to revolutionize healthcare by empowering Latino digital health leaders and innovators. We provide the support and community needed to drive change from within our communities. Through entrepreneurship and technology, we will address the unique health challenges facing Latinos and build a more equitable future.


We envision a future where Latinos are at the helm of healthcare innovation, using technology to uplift our communities. Leaders with firsthand knowledge of Latino needs will develop solutions that fundamentally improve health outcomes and access. SaludConTech will help catalyze this future by nurturing our leaders, elevating Latino voices, and rallying our communities through a shared vision of progress. The future of healthcare will be driven by us, for us.

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Your Voice,Our Collective Strength

Together, we are not just participants; we are the architects of our health future. SaludConTech is where your ideas find momentum, your projects find support, and your vision finds a community ready to turn it into reality. Join us in this transformative journey, where every step we take is a step toward a healthier, more equitable tomorrow.

Joining is easy! Visit our ENDEAVOR and tell us a little about yourself and your connection to healthcare. We offer membership, volunteer, and ally opportunities.

We provide mentorship, networking, Community. Our goal is to support you in developing solutions that make a difference for our communities.

Allies are indispensable in our journey towards health equity. Consider becoming an ally member, dedicating your expertise as a volunteer, or exploring other meaningful ways to contribute.

Digital health equity encapsulates SaludConTech's aspirational vision—a future where technology serves as a catalyst for individual empowerment and dismantles systemic inequities in healthcare. This creates a level playing field, enabling every individual to fully embrace their health and well-being. SaludConTech is committed to harnessing the power of technology to bridge health disparities, striving to forge a future where equitable access to health resources allows everyone the opportunity to reach their utmost potential.

Join Our Familia

At SaludConTech, we're building an inclusive community where your contribution creates real impact. Together, we can create a more equitable, innovative, and inclusive healthcare system for all. Become a member and help shape our mission. Volunteer your skills to empower innovators. Or stand with us as an ally and advocate for change.

However you choose to join, you'll find a tight-knit familia driven by a shared purpose: equity in healthcare enabled by technology.
We can't construct a better system alone. Como dice el refrán, se necesita un pueblo, it takes a village. So come build with us. Let's lay the foundation for a healthcare system that leaves no community behind.