Our Mission

SaludConTech is a diverse network of individuals across multiple disciplines who are leveraging accessible technology to advance solutions to improve the health of the underserved. Our mission is to transform good ideas into actionable interventions that promote health equity and address health disparities.

We recognize that we must form non-traditional partnerships among different sectors of the society, including public health, industry, academia, healthcare systems, and local government, to spur the right kind of new ideas that will achieve positive health outcomes for everyone. We hope to empower individuals, families, and communities to optimize their health through co-developing, self-care, and care delivery. We believe that by sharing new ideas, and building connections with both clinicians and non-clinicians, whose work involves the intersection of (1) health technology & co-design (2) health equity, health disparities, and public health as it relates to (3) Latinx / Minority Health. We hope to increase awareness and appreciation for these issues to catalyze ideas that will lead to improved care for the underserved. We believe in empowering individuals, families, and communities to optimize their health, as advocates for policies that promote and protect health and well-being, as co-developers of health and social services, and as self-carers and caregivers.

Although we may live scattered across the country, by countering the fragmentation that many of us face, we hope to increase awareness and appreciation for these issues. As we work together, leveraging accessible technology, we believe that we can improve the health of Latino/a communities and other underrepresented minority populations, regardless of geographic obstacles and boundaries.


Building Digital Community building 90%
Helping care teams empower patients with digital tools 80%
Launching Human-Centred Digital Health Deployments 70%